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Mark C. Slaughter

23-08-2007, 17:44:02

Good website for one of the greatest singers of all time!

Andrea Wheeler-Gonzalez

20-08-2007, 05:13:48

Please, please, please start a website!! I realize that I'm only 36 years old but...THIS is real music!!! Please, please, move forward with this!!! Thank you so much!


19-08-2007, 06:14:58

The smoothest of smooth. What a legacy.

krishonda young

07-05-2007, 17:33:01

nice work

Bill Franklin

30-04-2007, 22:05:21

Without question the greatest male singer of them all...that voice was amazing.


29-04-2007, 23:05:30

Great website! Thanks!


28-03-2007, 20:42:52



18-10-2006, 18:09:51

Hello. This is a great website!


18-10-2006, 18:03:03

Hello, and welcome. This is The Unfortgetabbele Nat King Cole Guestbook.

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